Plugin Cordova - Navigation Bar
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Cordova NavigationBar plugin


Hide and auto hide navigation bar.

[android] [cordova cli] [xdk] [cocoon] [phonegap build service]

This is open source cordova plugin.

You can see Cordova Plugins in one page:

Change log

Install plugin

Cordova cli - npm install -g cordova@6.0.0

cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-navigationbar
(when build error, use github url: cordova plugin add

Xdk - Download XDK - XDK PORJECTS - [specific project] - CORDOVA HYBRID MOBILE APP SETTINGS - Plugin Management - Add Plugins to this Project - Third Party Plugins -

Plugin Source: Cordova plugin registry
Plugin ID: cordova-plugin-navigationbar

## Cocoon ## - Create project - [specific project] - Setting - Plugins - Custom - Git Url: - INSTALL - Save<br>

## Phonegap build service (config.xml) ## - Apps - [specific project] - Update code - Zip file including config.xml
<gap:plugin name="cordova-plugin-navigationbar" source="npm" />


Download construct2 plugin
How to install c2 native plugins in xdk, cocoon and cordova cli

Server setting


document.addEventListener("deviceready", function(){
	var autoHideNavigationBar = false;
}, false);





Useful links

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